New Year’s Resolutions: The One Mile Solution

In today’s VeloNews, legal eagle Bob Mionske discusses Andy Cline’s One Mile Solution.

  • The idea is simple: Find your home on a map…Draw a circle with a 1-mile radius around your home. Try to replace one car trip per week within that circle by riding a bicycle or walking. At an easy riding pace you can travel one mile on a bicycle in about seven minutes. Walking takes about 20 minutes at an easy pace.

The part that always messes folks up is that the One Mile Solution is a basic template that you need to adjust to your own local environs. If you have great bike paths and lots of stuff nearby, maybe yours should be a Five Mile Solution. If you live in the boonies like me, maybe running errands via LPCs or the two-wheeler is a stretch, but combining trips and parking once and walking in between stores serve the same purpose.

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. I try to practice New Life Resolutions. But to each his own. Do what works for you.

More here.

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One Response to New Year’s Resolutions: The One Mile Solution

  1. muddywaters says:

    This is a great goal. It's very feasible where I live. I'm not crazy about exercising, but I'm advocate of walking. I've been know to park a little farther away from my destination just so I can get in some extra walking.

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