Sick call, fall out!

Z. has an ear infection, so he’s on antibiotics that are giving him fits. I’m on Day Two of the flu. M’s nursing a sore throat. So it’s just one big party around here these days.

Being sick isn’t fun. Being sick and needing to take care of someone else is the worst. I picked up Z. and ran him downstairs for a bottle and I nearly passed out. Then I threw my back out putting him down.

So there won’t be much new here until everyone’s feeling better.

Good thing we made muffins the day before, so at least we have breakfast for a few days. But wish I had seen this first, because it sounds a bit heartier.

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Dad to two amazing girls, husband to one.
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2 Responses to Sick call, fall out!

  1. Bummer that everyone is not feeling well. Just a word (well two actually) of caution on the anitbiotics…yeast infection. Yes, little boys do get them from antibiotics. Be prepared, get a tube of nystatin cream. I believe it is by Rx only. Good luck and hope everyone recovers quickly.

  2. muddywaters says:

    I hope y’all get to feeling better. Kristin is the nurse in this household. I’m not much of a nurturer.I hope Zeb recovers quickly.

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