A Conversation with Z.

“Who’s that?”


“Very good! And who’s that?”


“No, that’s Mom.”


“Say ‘Mom.’ ‘Mommy.’ ‘Mom.’ “




“Okay, who’s that?”


“Very good, that’s Kitty.”


“That’s right, that’s Kitty. And who’s that.”


“That’s right! That’s Doggy.”

“Daw. Daw.”

“Yes, Doggy. Dog. Doggy.”


“And who’s that?”


“No, that’s Mommy. Say ‘Mom.’ ‘Mom.’ “


“Okay, let’s move on to numbers…”

About SAO'

Dad to two amazing girls, husband to one.
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1 Response to A Conversation with Z.

  1. muddywaters says:

    I chuckled. Maybe you can teach Z Abbott and Costello’s Who’s on First Routine.

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