Heading to Nebraska…

… for a little birthday shin-dig. It will be a rehearsal for the Z’ster’s first birthday next month.

We’ve got the traveling thing down, as long as they are short trips. The first month was hairy, but now it’s all routine. Of course, we’re flying through the day with no time to catch our breath, but so far we haven’t pulled a Raising Arizona and left the carrier on the roof of the car.

And then something happens to throw us all off our game. We woke up yesterday to find that Zo had done a Jackson Pollock on the garage floor, thanks to an upset tummy. I was just getting used to baby diarrhea, and 170 pound Great Dane poop is in a class of its own. Took forever to clean up, and then had to wash his dog bed over and over to get it clean. A quick trip to the vet revealed he had more bugs than Microsoft Vista, and now my wallet looks like an “after” picture in a NutraSystems commercial.

In other news… Z. had his one year physical this week, and we’re pretty sure he’s going to be a rocket surgeon, double-naught spy, or some other high-falluting occupation, according to my interpretation of his tests. He’s put on some weight since we got him but he’s still on the skinny side, and he’s in the 90th for height, so we’re now calling him Ztring Bean.

About SAO'

Dad to two amazing girls, husband to one.
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