Flu and Cold Season

Whew! It’s been one heckuva winter, and just when we thought it was over, the weather dude says to expect six to twelve this weekend.

I don’t mind another couple of weeks of winter, but I can’t wait for flu and cold season to get over. I can’t speak for the rest of the economic sectors, but the antibiotic manufacturers have got to be flourishing, thanks to our family of both two and four legged critters. Seems every time we turn around, one of us has something new. Between my time standing in front of snotty-nosed little kids and Z’s time at day care, hanging out with my snotty-nosed kids’ younger brothers and sisters, we’re always bringing something new into the house.

In the movie The Lost Boys, they claimed that a vampire is powerless unless you invite him into your home. That’s definitely not the case with viral critters, who don’t care a lick about welcome mats or the host’s feelings on the living arrangements.

Even Zo is in on the act. He’s had a stomach bug all winter, more than likely thanks to eating snow of the less-than-driven variety. (Pure as the driven snow? What exactly does that mean? When you drive on the snow around here, it gets brown real quick like.) He’s been surprising us by losing control all over the garage floor, and industrial strength antiobiotics of the Liquid Plumber variety seem to fix him for a week or so, but it always comes right back. The dear boy is nine and a half, which is around 90 in Great Dane years, and he has been living with arthritis for about the last five and has survived tumors in his stomach and tail. There are days when he can barely get up without whimpering, and then days when you had better not be in his way when he charges out the back door, because anyone on the lighter side of William Perry (the football player, not the SecDef) is going to be put on his backside. He still sounds like the Lion King when he’s alerting us to a dangerous intruder, such as the FedEx guy, but when he’s done protecting the front door, you can tell he’s glad he doesn’t have to do that more than once or twice a week.

But we’re all getting older, and there’s nothing we can do about that.

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