Johnny Dangerously

The boy likes climbing, I believe we have established. He bounces from the ottoman to the chair and up the back like a bonobo. He clings to window sills, feeling below with his toes for an edge or nubbin so he can launch himself up. Manteling is second nature for him, and he seems to understand leverage and cantilevers.
(Left: climbing into his playpen.)

And this week, at 13 months and 30 inches tall, he decided that he’s too big to crawl down the stairs backwards. He wants to go down Aussie style, walking forwards like a big boy.
(Left: up and over the back of a chair.)

Never mind that each step comes to about waist high on his string bean little bod.

(Left: trying to climb into his toy box.)

I’m thinking we’re going to have our hands full in a couple or ten years, once he finds out that there’s a rock climbing club in our high school. Until then, I guess he needs to stay roped up any time he’s near the stairs.

(Left: urban spelunking, in and out of the chair rungs.)

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