Showing folks around

Been awol lately. Lots of stuff going on. No excuse, will try harder to keep folks up to date and informed.

(Left: TVAPO rafting Clear Creak)

Forgot to mention my brother’s visit last month. Clan TVAPO came out for a few days. Like all vacations, it wasn’t nearly long enough, but given everyone’s busy schedules, we’ll take what we can get.

We’ve only lived here for two years, but I believe it’s as good for the host to have to show folks around his surroundings as it is for the visitors to explore the new area. I got to think about this place I call home from a different perspective, and to notice the details that can get lost in the daily shuffle. Details such as the gorgeous sunsets we’ve had this summer, which are never the same two days in a row, and how the heavy spring rainfall has made the wild flowers really pop.

(left: hiking in El Dorado Canyon)

The trip also reminded me that while I just love it out here, there’s a lot to miss about not being closer to the rest of the family. For one thing, their kids are about the world’s greatest baby-sitters, and while I can afford their hourly rate, I can’t afford to put them on a plane every time I need them.

But such is life. It’s good to know that they’re just a phone call or email away, even if they can’t come over for dinner on a regular basis. And DIA’s not going to shut down any time soon, so they’ll be back.

(left: getting ready for the DC United — Colorado Rapids soccer match.)

More pix here.

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