Georgia is the "peachtree" state?

Everyone knows the best peaches are grown on Colorado’s western slope. There’s something about the high altitude sun.

(The whole state nickname thing always cracks me up. Georgia produces around 40 tons of peaches per year, while their neighbor South Carolina produces around 60 tons. So Georgia isn’t even the biggest peach producer in the SEC. California produces more than the rest of the country put together, but there isn’t enough room on a license plate to list all of the things they lead in.)

Local peaches are just starting to hit the outer aisles of our grocery stores. And there’s no reason to we wary of the early shippers. Peaches ripen according to their position on the tree, with the outermost fruit ripening first and the innermost last.

We picked up some Palisade peaches this week and they were just about perfect.

Try any of these once the fresh crop shows up at your grocery store:

A French sweet-and-sour sauce for meat.

Peach Salsa

Peaches and Chicken

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