Weekly Highlights for Jan 14

1. From endurance athlete and world champion burro racer Hal Walters, home-made energy bars.

Homemade real-food energy bars
By Hal Walter

2. Growing and Repairing Your Brain, Dr. Phil Maffetone and Dr. Coralee Thompson

The brain, after all, is just a muscle, albeit one we are only beginning to understand. Check out Dr Phil’s thoughts on working it.

  • Eat more brain food and avoid processed carbohydrates
  • Move your body—walking, dancing, swimming, etc.
  • Get more sun exposure—without sunscreen
  • Live your passion—find things you’re crazy about doing; and do them
  • Get more sleep
  • Change routines often
  • Perform respiratory biofeedback (AKA “The 5‐Minute Power Break”)

(The original 7 ideas are here.)

3. Is the Military Getting Soft? Interesting discussion. I’m ashamed to admit this, but the day after the Ft Hood tragedy, the NYTimes ran a front page photo of Ft Hood soldiers doing PT. And instead of feeling anger at the murderer or empathy for the victim’s families, my first thought was, damn, soldiers are fat these days.

4. Running Barefoot: Trend of the still very New Year. The running barefoot discussion is really heating up. It’s not quite at teaparty-esque momentum, but there is a certain grassroots feeling to it, with the little people going up against the big corporate giants who are scheming to keep our little piggies trapped in their over-priced coffins.

Check out this piece in the February Runners’ World.


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