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Bánh Mì the second time around

The website is called The Battle of the Bánh Mì, which is obviously a bad pun (“bad pun” being redundant, of course). But there’s more to the name than just the pun. The word “battle” is not insignificant, because it … Continue reading

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National Western Stock Show 2010

Had a weekend visit with the boy and took him to the stock show. First time for me, first time for him, but M. used to go a lot as a kid, so she guided us through it, made sure … Continue reading

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Music in the Kitchen

Now, why is Willie Nelson’s tequila-mango salsa not a surprise? Music in the Kitchen Favorite Recipes from Austin City Limits

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January’s News You Can Use

A quick jaunt around the newsroom … 1. Weight lifting is good for your brain. From the NYT’s Well. Seems like the more we learn about the brain, the more we find that it’s just one big muscle, capable of … Continue reading

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