The good thing about being out of ideas …

… is that there are plenty of other folks out there doing the thinking for ya, should you become so stumped.

F’rinstance, I wanted to come up something for dinner that we could whip up once and then chow on for the rest of the week … and just then, I stumbled onto Big Red Kitchen’s lasagna piece.

Tomatillas were on sale at Sunflower Market, so I grabbed a bunch but wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them … and as soon as I got home, My Kitchen in the Rockies had a great looking enchilada recipe.

(Will have to talk about this one next week … because I couldn’t get the corn tortillas to roll up without cracking, so I just layered them in a baking sheet instead and came up with a faux Mexican lasagna or tamale pie or something in between.)

Then I wanted to do something different for dessert … and when I opened my Google Reader, Dine and Dish had this gorgeous strawberry shortcake recipe, via Reluctant Entertainer at the top of the page.

(Did you know … that to make homemade whipped cream, basically you just whip cream? Sounds crazy, I know …)

A week’s worth of great meals, without having to do any heavy thinking on my part.

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3 Responses to The good thing about being out of ideas …

  1. muddywaters says:

    I'm digging the lasagna and Big Red Kitchen. I've tried to curtail my blog reading, but it's difficult because there are just so many great idea out there. I hope all is well out West. My daughter is spending a week with her grandparents in SW Nebraska. I'm jealous that she's spending time in God's country.We'll join her there next weekend.

  2. muddywaters says:

    Last week I discovered a new, favorite podcast. I think you might dig The Dinner Party Download.

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