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Leaving your mark

My dog literally left his mark on the world. The dead grass from where he peed all of the time … visible from satellites thousands of miles away. The good news is, all dogs go to heaven. Zooey the Wonder … Continue reading

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Alaskan Wild Fish Taco Contest

I never win anything, so my first gut response to this was to keep it to myself. The fewer folks who enter, the better my chances to win, yeah? Alaskan Wild Fish Taco Contest My entry is here: Fish Tacos … Continue reading

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The Accidental Kitchen Gadget Designer

The latest in the brilliant but oh-too-infrequent United Tastes series at the New York Times. How the Microplane Grater Escaped the Garage “I didn’t set out to make cheese graters,” Mr. Grace, an engineer by education, said recently.  “I thought … Continue reading

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Oops, I did it again …

No idea what’s going on here, but I made posole yesterday and M. couldn’t eat it. Couldn’t touch it. Couldn’t be in the same room as the pot. Too hot. By an order of magnitude which we have not previously … Continue reading

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Baby, It’s Cold Inside

Molly asked me to slide a pizza or two under the blanket once a day for the next month or so, and she’ll come back out when flu and cold season is over. Unless she sees her shadow …

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Guv Hick

Not saying we have the coolest governor in the entire country … but our new governor did select One Republic and DeVotchKa to do his inaugural hoedown last night.

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The State of Dessert

From the January New Yorker. NOTES OF A GASTRONOME Sweet Revolution The power of the pastry chef. by Adam Gopnik Listen to the podcast at here. Or download it at iTunes here. Story here.  

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