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Simple Curry

I was going to introduce this with a long story about how easy it is to introduce “exotic” foods to youngsters, but after this, I don’t have the energy. Instead, here’s the recipe for a hoale version of basic chicken … Continue reading

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Do As I Say …

This month’s foster parent training session was on nutrition — how to feed kids who didn’t grow up from day one under your roof. Everyone has phrases they can’t stand to hear. One of mine is, “If you think about … Continue reading

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So I get this big box of oatmeal in the mail yesterday … (Thanks, Kristen!) And then Bittman just happens to write about McD’s attempt to ruin a perfectly good food that everyone thought was nearly bomb-proof. How to Make … Continue reading

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Cricket: The Other White Meat

Look for it at a restaurant near you. The Six-Legged Meat of the Future By MARCEL DICKE and ARNOLD VAN HUIS, The Wall Street Times Insects are nutritious and easy to raise without harming the environment. They also have a … Continue reading

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Soup-a-Palooza: Irish Stew

Come join Soup-a-Palooza at TidyMom and Dine and Dish sponsored by Bush’s Beans, Hip Hostess, Pillsbury and Westminster Crackers   St Paddy’s Day is around the corner, so here’s another look at our Irish Stew. Irish Stew and Cheddar Scones … Continue reading

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Feb 16th

Today in Food History: Prohibition was repealed, found of McDonald’s and arch designer born, and hog bristles are replaced with nylon in America’s toothbrushes. I’m very appreciative of two out of the three.

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Sriracha Love-fest

Been a while since I gushed on about how wonderful Sriracha is. Ran into this the other day whilst perusing the Cook It Frozen iPhone app, courtesy the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. Not it’s humanly possible to make anything simpler. … Continue reading

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