Simple Curry

I was going to introduce this with a long story about how easy it is to introduce “exotic” foods to youngsters, but after this, I don’t have the energy.

Instead, here’s the recipe for a hoale version of basic chicken and rice curry. Works great with a fish like halibut as well. Also works great as a vegetarian dish.

“Curry” is an interesting concept. It’s like adobo or salsa in that there are thousands of varieties and there are regional interpretations everywhere you go. Actually, etymologically, it’s quite similar to adobo and salsa: “curry” comes from a Tamil word for sauce, while “adobo” is Spanish for sauce, and “salsa” has Latin roots for the same thing.

I’m sure there are “authentic” ways to make curry. But here’s what (little) I know: the Madras hot curry from Savory Spice is some darn good stuff. It’s ground fresh on site in small batches, so the bottle you buy is about as fresh as humanly possible. And the combo of their curry spice with some coconut milk makes for a darn good sauce.

Chicken Curry with Mixed Veggies

2-3 chicken breasts, sliced into small chunks
dash of salt, pepper, curry powder
2 Tbs butter + 2 Tbs olive oil

In a large skillet, warm the butter and olive oil, then sauté the chicken chunks for a few minutes. Sprinkle with the salt, pepper, and curry powder after the first flip. Cook until browned on all sides, then move to a covered plate or dish and set aside.

1 small onion, sliced
½ – 1 cup diced red peppers
1 cup cherry tomatoes (halved if you have the time and patience)
½ – 1 cup diced carrots
½ – 1 cup diced potatoes
½ – 1 cup diced tart apple
½ – 1 cup frozen peas
(Note: use more veggies if you’re omitting the chicken, less if you’re adding protein)
1 Tbs minced ginger
1 tsp minced garlic
2 Tbs white flour
2 Tbs curry powder
2 cups chicken broth
½ cup coconut milk
1 Tbs soy sauce
1 Tbs honey
cilantro sprigs

Sauté the onion, red pepper, ginger and garlic in the same skillet over medium-high heat. (Add another dash of butter or olive oil if you need it to coat the pan.) Cook for 4-5 minutes.
Mix the curry powder and flour in a small bowl, then add to the onion mix. Sauté for about 2 minutes, stirring frequently, until everything is evenly browned.
Add the chicken broth and scrape up any browned bits from the bottom of the pan. Gently pour in the tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes. Bring to a boil, give a quick stir, and then reduce to simmer for about 20 minutes. Return the chicken for he last 10 minutes.
Add the coconut milk, soy sauce, and honey, and stir gently for a minute. Then add the apples and peas. Cook for about 5 more minutes.
Serve over rice. Top with a bit of cilantro.




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3 Responses to Simple Curry

  1. Lea Ann says:

    I’ve never met a curry I didn’t like…unless the heat was too incredible to tolerate. Good to know about the Savory Spice Madras Curry, most certainly will pick some up next time I’m in.

  2. Faith says:

    You really can’t go wrong with curry! It’s definitely a favorite in my house too. This one looks fantastic, and I really love the addition of apple.

  3. I came late to the curry party, but I’m now absolutely in love. My favorite , to-date, is from a tiny little restaurant in Belize. This looks wonderful, as usual.

    And fabulous “Do as I say” post. I didn’t have anything clever to add…so I didn’t. Always a pleasure stopping by High Plains Drifters

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