Weekend Reading List

Know your pizza: Twenty-three different styles of pizza and their geographical origins.

College Eats: Food that is very, very bad for you but tastes very, very good at three in the morning.

Best Coffee: Drip or Stovetop? Interesting discussion on the merits of single-serve coffee makers.

More Molecular Gastronomy: Nathan Myrhvold on The Colbert Report

Six Things to Feel Good About: Thoughts from Mark Bittman

Grist: Organic chicken carries significantly lower salmonella risk

Italian Food’s Second Act: From Chef Boyardee to Mario Batali.



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4 Responses to Weekend Reading List

  1. Beth says:

    The “Screaming Eagle” looks amazing! We had the 2:15, College Hill after the bars closed, run to the 15×15 foot hole in the wall, that served awesome chili-cheese fries……………….I can still taste them :o)

  2. feastonthecheap says:

    I’ve had the Screaming Eagle before (I’m a BC alum) and it’s everything you’d wish for at 3AM. Great weekend roundup!

  3. Mary says:

    I enjoyed it all. Bittman was really interesting. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  4. Robin Sue says:

    Ugh we had a place called, well I don’t remember what it was REALLY called, we called it Piggers. Always good for late night greasy pizza. Another college favorite was called “wets” french fries with brown gravy. Really stick to your rib type food!

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