Light and Not-So-Light Reading

In a bit of a rut here. For a couple of weeks, every time I found a promising article, I wound up tearing it apart with mental red ink — correcting awkward sentences and deleting repetitive, non-descriptive adjectives. Just couldn’t find much joy in anything, and it was more my fault than anyone else’s. When Chef X has been calling everything he’s made for the past twenty years “the ultimate whatever,” why should I expect him to change just for me? When Chef Y describes everything as “amazing,” isn’t it my fault if I expect something new in today’s column? And when Chef Z still hasn’t figured out how to insert a degrees sign into his recipes*, it’s more about me than about him when it gets under my skin.

So it was a palate cleanser of sorts to stumble onto these pieces. Reminded me that it’s all about finding joy in whatever it is that you’re doing. And, ultimately, that’s no one’s job by your own.

First of all, run don’t walk to Laptham’s Quarterly and check out this quarter’s Food issue. That’s 4,000 years of food history, from the greatest writers of any era. Available at your finer bookstores.

But if you don’t have time for the entire collection, at least read Duke Ellington’s list of his favorite foods. No pretense, nothing fancy. Just the best food he had stumbled upon in his long and glorious career.

Similarly but completely different is this piece on Louis Armstrong’s fascination with food and health. His biography said, “Louis Armstrong was a very earthy human being,” and I can’t think of a finer compliment. Again, we’re talking about a man who traveled in very rarefied circles, and yet his favorite dish of all time was red beans and rice.

Another one that just made me smile: more support for eating insects. I happen to know that 13 month old little girls don’t have a problem with them, whatsoever.

Finally, there’s this: everything you always wanted to know about the food truck phenomena, in graphical form.

* Degrees Sign
On a Mac, it’s Edit, then Special Characters, then Punctuation.
On a PC … wait, seriously? You’re trying to be creative on a PC? Whatever … press ALT, then type 0176 on your numeric keyboard (not the numbers row above QWERTY).

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