Interesting bed-fellows

Browsing through others’ recipes this week reminded me of my favorite Radio Lab episode on randomness, Stochasticity. Whenever you think the universe is out to get you or that bad things (or good things) always happen in threes, Jab and Robert remind us that just about everything happens at just about the rate, in just about the proportion, in just about the ratio and in just about the frequency that they should happen.

And yet …

There’s definitely something in the air with respect to … well, let’s just call them interesting food combinations. Everywhere I looked, there they were.

Let’s start with chocolate and sauerkraut, found here at An Edible Mosaic’s cupcakes.

Then there’s eggplant and chocolate, courtesy A Taste of Beirut and her eggplant gianduja.

Orange-Chile Brownies are up next, thanks to Mangoes, Chili, and Z.  (Elk jam also sounds like a possible entry in this category … feel free to give it a whirl as well.)

The Greasy Skillet gives us bacon and cashew salted popcorn.

And maybe the strangest combination of them all: the words “bite-sized” and “funnel cake” in the same title, here at Dine and Dish. Obviously something that you would never see at a state fair.



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One Response to Interesting bed-fellows

  1. Lea Ann says:

    Thanks …… I think. 🙂

    And thanks for introducing me to a couple new blogs. Especially going to enjoy Greasy Skillet.

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