The Official Sandwich of All 50 States

Not very scientific, but interesting nonetheless. Can’t argue with a buffalo burger for Colorado.

Sandwiches of America: A 50-State Tour of GOOD Sammies

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5 Responses to The Official Sandwich of All 50 States

  1. muddywaters says:

    Our sandwich is the hot beef sandwich. While I don’t think it’s uniquely Kansan (I found this sandwich to be on almost every restaurant’s menu in Minessota), I can’t really think of a more fitting choice. It’s quintessential sale-barn fare. What sandwich is uniquely Kansas? I do think this questions deserves exploration, and I volunteer myself to conduct the research. I wonder if the school district will allow me to go on sabbatical to research this.

    I can only think of one Lawrence, KS. restaurant (a restaurant connected to a bowling alley) that has the hot beef on its menu. I have a feeling that as a person heads west and into the real Kansas, the sandwich becomes more prevalent.

    • cmdr101 says:

      Being from western Kansas I can say the hotbeef sandwich is on most small town menus. But it would not the favorite of each of these little towns. Many of these towns are very ethnic and my choice would be the bierock.

  2. I loved this article; it helps me understand my adopted country so much better! Love it!!!

  3. Lea Ann says:

    Very interesting. I had to take a look at Kansas, made me crave a hot roast beef sandwich. I suppose they’ve got Colorado pretty right.

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