Stop … (Happy New Year)

Actual conversation:

Him: I’m trying to come up with just one all-encompassing New Year resolution, and I think, maybe, I might have stumbled onto it.

Her: Really? Just one? Setting the bar rather low, are we?

Him: Hear me out. “Stop obsessing.” That’s all. Just one.

Her: “Stop obsessing”? And that’s going to get you through the whole year?

Him: I think so. What are yours?

Her: I’m not done yet, but so far, I have “Get more sleep.”

Him: Stop obsessing … about sleep.

Her: And “eat better.”

Him: Stop obsessing … about what you eat.

Her: And “get more exercise.”

Him: Stop obsessing … about exercise.

Her: Manage my time better.

Him: Stop obsessing about time management.

Her: Hmmm … you might be on to something there …

Does a dog have a Buddha-nature?


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2 Responses to Stop … (Happy New Year)

  1. Hahha! Love it! Good one!

  2. Happy New Year to you, too.

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