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Sage Advice

Start with yumm. ~ advice from our almost 3 year old on how to approach a meal

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New Favorite Pancakes

I really thought these would be my favorite forever. High protein, high fiber, healthy but tasty. Ahh, but life at the top is always short-lived. Someone’s always there to knock you off. And now we have a new top dog, … Continue reading

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World’s Greatest Granola Just Got a Little Better

After winning the top prize at the state fair, where else is there to go? Just sit back and rake in the dough, right? Well, that worked for a while, but eventually we had to have another go at it. … Continue reading

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No Great Truths

No great truths … just thousands of little ones. For instance: juice tastes better in a moo cup.

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Second Best French Toast

Second best because I still like the baked version better, if only because clean-up is easier. But we were using Rudi’s Sourdough, which is cut a little bit too thin for the baked version. So had to settle for the … Continue reading

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Aloha Granola

Why change the world-famous, Nebraska State Fair Judges’ Grand Prize-winning, everyone’s favorite Mountain Granola? I dunnoh … why do anything different, ever? Aloha Granola (makes about one gallon of granola) 8 cups oatmeal ½ cup vegetable oil ½ cup packed … Continue reading

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So I get this big box of oatmeal in the mail yesterday … (Thanks, Kristen!) And then Bittman just happens to write about McD’s attempt to ruin a perfectly good food that everyone thought was nearly bomb-proof. How to Make … Continue reading

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