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Sage Advice

Start with yumm. ~ advice from our almost 3 year old on how to approach a meal

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New Favorite Pancakes

I really thought these would be my favorite forever. High protein, high fiber, healthy but tasty. Ahh, but life at the top is always short-lived. Someone’s always there to knock you off. And now we have a new top dog, … Continue reading

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World’s Greatest Granola Just Got a Little Better

After winning the top prize at the state fair, where else is there to go? Just sit back and rake in the dough, right? Well, that worked for a while, but eventually we had to have another go at it. … Continue reading

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No Great Truths

No great truths … just thousands of little ones. For instance: juice tastes better in a moo cup.

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Second Best French Toast

Second best because I still like the baked version better, if only because clean-up is easier. But we were using Rudi’s Sourdough, which is cut a little bit too thin for the baked version. So had to settle for the … Continue reading

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Aloha Granola

Why change the world-famous, Nebraska State Fair Judges’ Grand Prize-winning, everyone’s favorite Mountain Granola? I dunnoh … why do anything different, ever? Aloha Granola (makes about one gallon of granola) 8 cups oatmeal ½ cup vegetable oil ½ cup packed … Continue reading

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So I get this big box of oatmeal in the mail yesterday … (Thanks, Kristen!) And then Bittman just happens to write about McD’s attempt to ruin a perfectly good food that everyone thought was nearly bomb-proof. How to Make … Continue reading

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It’s so crazy, it just might work (Ginger Muffins and Korean-style Stir-fry)

That’s what Maxwell Smart would have said if 99 had suggested this. Because it just doesn’t sound right. But it seems to work. Ginger. No matter how expensive it might seem to be when you only look at the listed … Continue reading

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Hawai’ian Banana Bread

A hearty thanks to Mary at One Perfect Bite for this one. I only changed one thing in the recipe. I upped the mac nuts to a full cup, and after I toasted them, I chopped up about half of … Continue reading

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Simple Currant Scones

We tried this idea the other day. Wasn’t a 100% success, but it might work for you, depending on your grater. I always have trouble cutting butter into a pastry dough. Scott Peacock says to use your hands (as described … Continue reading

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