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Hope’s Busy Holiday Baking Season … so far

Big Sister has been flexing her whisking and stirring muscles. Take a peek here.

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Chocolate Pumpkin Bundt Cake: if you can use a can opener …

It’s easy. It feeds an army. Freezes well for week-long snacking. And you can mix up the directions and it still works. Thanks to the forgiving quality of pumpkin. Seriously, has anyone ever screwed up a pumpkin dessert? Well, there … Continue reading

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Sack Lunch Dessert Time

A couple of quick ones suitable for the office break room counter, lunch box, or gathering of any kind. Cappucino Crinkles (makes about 32 cookies) Ingredients ⅓ cup butter 1 cup brown sugar ⅔ cup cocoa powder (unsweetened) 2 Tbs … Continue reading

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It’s so crazy, it just might work (Ginger Muffins and Korean-style Stir-fry)

That’s what Maxwell Smart would have said if 99 had suggested this. Because it just doesn’t sound right. But it seems to work. Ginger. No matter how expensive it might seem to be when you only look at the listed … Continue reading

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Robert Redford Cupcakes

Over at the Greasy Skillet, Muddy is embracing his inner Paul Giamatti, and thinking about the burden of glamor that the more photogenic Bradley Pitt must bear. I hear where he’s coming from. I could watch a movie where Giamatti … Continue reading

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I know it’s for a good cause and all …

… and I should be thinking about the people who really need help, or maybe celebrating the human condition that makes us want to help each other in times or need, or possibly I should be inspired to try something … Continue reading

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