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My dog lied to me

I’ve needed to tell this story for quite some time. Apologies up front for exceeding 140 characters by a few thousand. Zo’s birthday is today. Or, was today. We lost him right before New Year’s this past year, about a … Continue reading

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Almost a legend

Dedicated to man’s best friends everywhere. The Legend, by Randy Wayne White. (Also published as This Dog is Legend in Out of the Noosphere, an Outside magazine collection.) Molly the Wonder Dog July 4, 1999 — July 7, 2011

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You can’t teach an old dog a new trick

But old dogs can still do their old tricks just fine, thank you. Untitled from HighPlains Drifters on Vimeo.

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A Boy Named Zooey

I don’t know my own dog’s name… That’s not completely true. I know how to spell it. I just don’t know how to pronounce it. He looks up when I say it, the way I think it’s supposed to be. … Continue reading

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