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Coffee Talk

Good read here. Mapping the World’s Most Seductive Shrines to Coffee Claire Cottrell | Oct 4, 2012

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Saving dough

There’s a great round-up of money saving tips that I found here. Simple Bites links to a dozen or so other sites, who all link back to each other, so you can start just about anywhere. (Saving dough. Get it? … Continue reading

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Last one before Labor Day

One of our new year’s resolutions was to pay a lot closer attention to the amount of food we buy. We’ve never shown a lot of discipline in that area. Dual income, no kids … so we bought what we … Continue reading

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Chicken and Veggies in Chile-Lime Adobo

I’ve been in a grilling rut for a while, especially when it comes to chicken and vegetables. I have two stand-bys that I keep returning to. For a rub, it’s based on the Mustang Spice from Canyon Cafe: a Tbs … Continue reading

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Cutting edge or traditional? Why not both?

Chef Jose Andres was on 60 Minutes this past weekend. He’s doing some amazing things in the kitchen with this molecular gastronomy thing. Some of it is pure chemistry, such as the gin and tonic that has separate spheres of … Continue reading

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Braising Hell

Even the most die-hard vegan has to admit, you drive by a rib shack and the place just smells good. Might not be your cup of tea to actually eat, but the smell is like a slap of Vitalis, a … Continue reading

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Kitchen Sink Frittata

I’m not sure what I would do if I was forced to give up eggs. Scrambled with a side of toast and bacon. Scrambled with green chiles in a breakfast burrito. Boiled just right for egg salad. Soft boiled with … Continue reading

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Spicy Black Bean Soup with Irish Soda Bread

There’s a band out there that calls itself the Afro Celt Sound System. Founded by members of the Pogues (the sometimes folk, sometimes pop, sometimes punk Celtic band), they blend Irish melodies with West African rhythms to create an always … Continue reading

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It’s the Little Things

Lunch has been an obstacle lately. We’re trying so hard to brown bag it, but it’s winter time, so we’re eating a lot of soup and stews, and they’re just not the same microwaved, in a cubicle, without a fire … Continue reading

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What a bargain!

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. Thanks partly to the economy, but mostly just because I’m a dork, I started calculating the cost per serving of some of our meals. Unfortunately, I usually do this in the … Continue reading

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