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Sage Advice

Start with yumm. ~ advice from our almost 3 year old on how to approach a meal

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Anyone who doesn’t think the best hamburger joint in the world is in his hometown is a sissy. Calvin Trillin

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Quote o’ the Day

It is a difficult task, my fellow citizens, to argue with the stomach, for it has no ears. ~ Cato the Elder

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Mental Health Break: Wine Reviews

The Summer 2011 edition of Lapham’s Quarterly covers about 4,000 years of food history, and every story contained within is a gem in its own right. But Patton Oswalt’s wine reviews especially cracked me up. My fave:  Cracking Crow Hill, … Continue reading

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Seventeen Days until St Paddy’s Day

In no particular order … Short story about Guinness at The Whole Story. Bangers and Tatties from the Big Red Kitchen. And their complete Irish Feast, including Murphy’s Stout Milkshakes, here. Irish Soda Bread right here. Two other ways to … Continue reading

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Foodie quote of the week

“Irish food isn’t cuisine, it’s penance.”Dennis Leary

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All-American Cracked-Wheat Summer Salad

A rose by any other name … got me thinking. “All-American Cracked Wheat Summer Salad.” That’s my new name for tabouli. Or tabbouleh. Or tabuleh. Or any of the other variations of this wheaty salad. (What? Spellcheck says “wheaty” isn’t … Continue reading

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Kitchen Sink Frittata

I’m not sure what I would do if I was forced to give up eggs. Scrambled with a side of toast and bacon. Scrambled with green chiles in a breakfast burrito. Boiled just right for egg salad. Soft boiled with … Continue reading

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Foodie Quotes

Oh, God above, if heaven has a tasteit must be an egg with butter and salt,and after the egg is there anything inthe world lovelier than fresh warmbread and a mug of sweet golden tea? —Frank McCourt, Angela’s Ashes (1996) … Continue reading

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Ending the year with some two-wheeled inspiration

A random sampling of bike quotes to end the year: “When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin … Continue reading

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