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Crackers from scratch

I have been meaning to try my buddy Muddy’s flatbread (either this one or this one or the non-flat one here, doesn’t really matter which) for quite some time now, so will have to make that a priority this summer. … Continue reading

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Stuff to Try

Quick list of things that caught my eye and made the to do list for February. Ricotta Bread from The Greasy Skillet Palak Daal, spinach and lentils, from 101 Cookbooks. “Looks like somebody’s been watching Julie and Julia,” says the … Continue reading

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Bánh Mì the second time around

The website is called The Battle of the Bánh Mì, which is obviously a bad pun (“bad pun” being redundant, of course). But there’s more to the name than just the pun. The word “battle” is not insignificant, because it … Continue reading

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Weekend Brunch Part II

So your first option is the World’s Greatest Granola. It’s easy, relatively quick, and provides you with a hot breakfast today and left-overs for the rest of the week. But if granola isn’t your thing, here are a couple of … Continue reading

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