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Non-boring Salad: Haole Bánh Mì Salad

There is nothing not to like about this salad. For starters, it’s a meaty, spicy, non-wimpy salad — if you like Sriracha and you have a Weber, you are obliged to like this. Second, it’s a lightning fast recipe — … Continue reading

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Chicken Bành Mì

I’m pretty much convinced that you can’t screw up a Bành Mì sammich. We tried it with meatballs, pork loin, even hotdogs. Great every time. And then we realized: we’ve never tried chicken. So, one quick trip to The Battle … Continue reading

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Sriracha Love-fest

Been a while since I gushed on about how wonderful Sriracha is. Ran into this the other day whilst perusing the Cook It Frozen iPhone app, courtesy the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. Not it’s humanly possible to make anything simpler. … Continue reading

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Last one before Labor Day

One of our new year’s resolutions was to pay a lot closer attention to the amount of food we buy. We’ve never shown a lot of discipline in that area. Dual income, no kids … so we bought what we … Continue reading

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Grilled Naan

Two reasons to make your own flatbreads: 1. They sell naan in packs of two for $3.00, and for three bucks in ingredients you can make a dozen or more. 2. Store-bought never tastes as good as right off the … Continue reading

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Bánh Mì Times Three

I think we’ve confirmed the obvious: you just can’t screw up the bánh mí sandwich. There’s the Meatball Bánh Mì, the first one we tried. Then there’s the more traditional pan-fried pork loin version, which is always a crowd favorite. … Continue reading

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Getting ready for Father’s Day

I know I’m going to eat well this Father’s Day … because I’m heading to the farm to see M’s folks, and that guarantees good grub. (Left: poppies from the front yard.) Best fried chicken in the free world, fresh … Continue reading

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Salsa is as Salsa does

Couldn’t grill last night because we’ve had a couple or three days of rain and hail, so Mr. Weber’s feeling lonely. Summer is his time, not because that’s the only time you can grill but because all of the farmer’s … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Grilling Ideas

For a while it seemed that everyone was loading up their hamburgers with weird stuff that did nothing for the flavor. Fillers, I guess. If the burger was concrete, this junk was the cement, something to bind it or hold … Continue reading

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Fish Tacos and an Inordinate Fondness for Cabbage

I have a tendency to take things a little too far. I get into something, then beat it to death until I’m sick of it. I think I might be close to doing that to the poor, innocent cabbage. When … Continue reading

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