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New Favorite Pancakes

I really thought these would be my favorite forever. High protein, high fiber, healthy but tasty. Ahh, but life at the top is always short-lived. Someone’s always there to knock you off. And now we have a new top dog, … Continue reading

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Baby Steps

One small thing to do every day for each day in October: The GOOD 30 Day Health Challenge. Day One: Sub tea for coffee. Too easy. Cheers.

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News You Can Use

Some real heavy hitters here. Michael Pollan has done a great job over the last few years enlightening us about how the American food industry and infrastructure works, how food gets from seed to plate. But the American agricultural industry … Continue reading

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Meatless Monday idea, or just a quick lunch

Stumbled onto this one the same time that we found this one. Funny that I had never thought of putting an egg on a quesadilla before, and then found two on the same day that called for it. While the … Continue reading

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Spring Quesadillas

We burned ourselves out on quesadillas last year. We were foster-parenting a little Tasmanian devil of a toddler, and he loved ’em. Whenever he wasn’t in the mood for whatever the rest of us were having, you could always take … Continue reading

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So I get this big box of oatmeal in the mail yesterday … (Thanks, Kristen!) And then Bittman just happens to write about McD’s attempt to ruin a perfectly good food that everyone thought was nearly bomb-proof. How to Make … Continue reading

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Sriracha Love-fest

Been a while since I gushed on about how wonderful Sriracha is. Ran into this the other day whilst perusing the Cook It Frozen iPhone app, courtesy the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. Not it’s humanly possible to make anything simpler. … Continue reading

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Another reason to stay away from fat-free dressings

The nutrients in a salad are mostly fat-soluble, so they need a little fat for your body to absorb them. Story here at the New York Times’ excellent Well series.

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End of July Food News

Wandering through the papers this week … Korean Tacos gain momentum. There are several things I like about this trend. First of all, I just personally think the fusion of Korean BBQ with Mexican garnishes just plain works. It’s like … Continue reading

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Food News You Can Use

News from around the horn: From Big Red Kitchen, this cool iPhone app and website from, all about cooking frozen fish. No, not the fish sticks from elementary school cafeterias, but fresh-frozen sea food. Actor/commedian Sarah Silverman joins the … Continue reading

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