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Another reason to stay away from fat-free dressings

The nutrients in a salad are mostly fat-soluble, so they need a little fat for your body to absorb them. Story here at the New York Times’ excellent Well series. Advertisements

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End of July Food News

Wandering through the papers this week … Korean Tacos gain momentum. There are several things I like about this trend. First of all, I just personally think the fusion of Korean BBQ with Mexican garnishes just plain works. It’s like … Continue reading

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Food News You Can Use

News from around the horn: From Big Red Kitchen, this cool iPhone app and website from, all about cooking frozen fish. No, not the fish sticks from elementary school cafeterias, but fresh-frozen sea food. Actor/commedian Sarah Silverman joins the … Continue reading

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All-American Cracked-Wheat Summer Salad

A rose by any other name … got me thinking. “All-American Cracked Wheat Summer Salad.” That’s my new name for tabouli. Or tabbouleh. Or tabuleh. Or any of the other variations of this wheaty salad. (What? Spellcheck says “wheaty” isn’t … Continue reading

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One in Three

One in three. In a lot of competitive programs, on the first day of training the instructors will tell the candidates: look to your left, and then look to your right. Come graduation day, one of you won’t be here. … Continue reading

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How to Live to be 100

Dan Buettner shares the 9 common diet and lifestyle habits that are found in the world’s longest living communities.

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Now we’ve seen everything

The new KFC Double-Down. I really thought this was just a publicity stunt, but apparently it’s real. Surely the combo meal comes with a tray of doughnuts, an XXXL Snuggie, and a bottle of Lipitor.

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