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Parenting 101

Turns out … tying that knot at the bottom of the Diaper Genie bag is kinda important.

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Don’t play with your food!

All I’m saying is, I only have an N of 1 in this survey, but Hope will eat kale, spinach, peas, broccoli, and just about any other vegetable … as well as sriracha-spiced sauces over noodles, sauteed mushrooms, cranberry chutney, … Continue reading

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It’s Official!

Our deepest thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen. More when my head stops spinning and feet are back on the ground. If that’s not until December, then a happy, safe, and joyous Thanksgiving to one and all.  … Continue reading

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I’ll never be smart …

Been a dad for three years now … and I just realized: peach or apricot jelly is so much easier to de-spot from peejays or a white onesie than strawberry or grape. Sorry, kid … don’t really care what your … Continue reading

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Back from Nebraska… for a day or two…

So we’re back from Nebraska but we’re heading back again on Tuesday. Saturday’s get-together was to celebrate D’s 50th birthday (going to keep the names anonymous to protect the innocent). It was a surprise party, and they pulled it off … Continue reading

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Admitting that you have a problem

The first step is to admit that you have a problem. We got a call from Pepperidge Farms the other day. They wanted to offer us payroll deduction, in order to simplify our monthly Goldfish bill and consolidate our baked … Continue reading

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Dining Out

We’ve been letting Z. play with a spoon during meals, but he hasn’t shown the slightest hint that he knows what to do with it, other than gum on the rubber end of it and occasionally throw it at the … Continue reading

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