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Weekly Highlights for Jan 14

1. From endurance athlete and world champion burro racer Hal Walters, home-made energy bars. Homemade real-food energy barsBy Hal Walter 2. Growing and Repairing Your Brain, Dr. Phil Maffetone and Dr. Coralee Thompson The brain, after all, is just a … Continue reading

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More on Running Barefoot

Is Running Barefoot Better For You?

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For the love of a grilled cheese sammich

I’ve never done anything this audacious, but I do the know the feeling at a much smaller scale. After four hours in the saddle, sometimes there’s nothing better than a warm, flat Coke. A Run That Lasts 100 Miles A … Continue reading

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Free, cheap, and professional grade training support

Here’s what I know about fitness: the same thing doesn’t work for everyone. It’s like Curly said in City Slickers, you gotta find your one thing. Stick with that, and everything else falls in place. But figuring out that one … Continue reading

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Two videos on checking your stride

From ChiRunning. When you’re one step ahead of the Grim Reaper like I am, fine-tuning becomes more and more important. Video at ChiRunning

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Winter Running Tips

Winter running tips from ChiRunning. Check it out here. You know you’re listening to a die-hard runner when he’s talking about taking an exacto-knife to his shoes’ insoles. Also worth reading at Well: Are your kids getting enough exercise? School … Continue reading

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I hate running.

Or at least, I have from time to time. I’ve had an on again, off again relationship with running. As a kid, I didn’t think about it. I never ran track, but running was a huge part of conditioning for … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions: The One Mile Solution

In today’s VeloNews, legal eagle Bob Mionske discusses Andy Cline’s One Mile Solution. The idea is simple: Find your home on a map…Draw a circle with a 1-mile radius around your home. Try to replace one car trip per week … Continue reading

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