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World’s Greatest Granola Just Got a Little Better

After winning the top prize at the state fair, where else is there to go? Just sit back and rake in the dough, right? Well, that worked for a while, but eventually we had to have another go at it. … Continue reading

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Just an idea …

… but maybe if foodies would start boycotting commercially produced tomatoes, Big Farm Inc would stop producing those watery, rubbery, tasteless red orbs. I’m having trouble thinking of a fruit or veggie with a bigger delta between the mass produced … Continue reading

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Molecular Gastronomy vs. Slow Food

Freakonomics Radio interviews Alice Waters and Nathan Myhrvold, and looks at two different ways of looking at food: Slow Food, which reduces food to its essentials and keeps things simple, and Molecular Gastronomy, which tries to put as much science … Continue reading

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