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Bánh Mì the second time around

The website is called The Battle of the Bánh Mì, which is obviously a bad pun (“bad pun” being redundant, of course). But there’s more to the name than just the pun. The word “battle” is not insignificant, because it … Continue reading

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Meatball Bành Mì

Assembled banh mi: hot chili mayo (mix 1/2 cup mayo with 1-2 Tbs Srirachi) on a French bread roll, meatballs, and pickled veggies, sprinkled with cilantro. Bành Mì is a Vietnamese baguette made of rice and wheat flour. Recently, though, … Continue reading

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May Wrap-up

End of the month… time to review the news out there. (Left: picking rhubarb from the backyard garden. Rhubarb is in season here in the Front Range. Check this out to find out what’s good in your neck of the … Continue reading

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Spice, Spice, Baby

As a Gaelic, haolie, druid of sorts, I have to be careful with any spice that packs a whollop. My people consider a shake of black pepper on a boiled potato to be getting crazy with the spices. For as … Continue reading

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