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Autumnal Equinox

A long day behind the wheel … … taking in Colorado’s changing colors … … gives a girl quite the appetite.

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Spring Quesadillas

We burned ourselves out on quesadillas last year. We were foster-parenting a little Tasmanian devil of a toddler, and he loved ’em. Whenever he wasn’t in the mood for whatever the rest of us were having, you could always take … Continue reading

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Farmer’s Market

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Is Summer Over?

Drank the last St Lupulin. All of the Palisade peaches are gone. No more Rocky Ford melons to be found. And the Sweet Olathe corn is scarce. Yep, summer’s over. Bring on the chili! (Stay tuned … ) And dust … Continue reading

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Labor Day variations on a theme

I’ve been having a pretty good summer but I find myself in a quandary, which is troubling because I’m not even sure what a quandary is. But it seems I’ve just gotten started with summer dining fare and it’s already … Continue reading

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I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. Change is good, but there’s something to be said for survival of the fittest and letting the best man, woman, dog, or cocktail concoction win. And we’re pretty set in our … Continue reading

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Winter Potato Salad that’s great in the summer

Roasted veggies sound like a winter dish, and some folks are adverse to running the oven any longer than they have to in the summer. But the addition of green beans to this anti-mayo potato salad, along with the bright … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Grilling Ideas

For a while it seemed that everyone was loading up their hamburgers with weird stuff that did nothing for the flavor. Fillers, I guess. If the burger was concrete, this junk was the cement, something to bind it or hold … Continue reading

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