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For Really Great Salsa, You Need …

… an iPad. The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Stephen Gets a Free iPad Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Fox News

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Reason #237 why you need an iPad

The seeds from your everything bagel will not find themselves into the nooks and also the crannies of your keyboard. That is not insignificant in this household. Well, not for the entire household, but for the grazer-typist looking me back … Continue reading

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Technology in the Kitchen?

Apparently you need an iPhone in the kitchen these days. Top Kitchen Toy? The Cellphone I’m not buying it. An iPhone as a permanent part of my gadget drawer would leave me with an interesting warranty claim. It would only … Continue reading

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Motivation via ridiculous investments

My brother runs a couple of marathons a year. He usually gets on a pretty tight routine, ramping up the miles, mixing up LSD runs with speed work, and on race day he’s right where he needs to be. But … Continue reading

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Embrace Your Inner Geek

Embrace Your Inner Geek If you are exercising, and you don’t know that you are exercising, do you get the same benefit as if you were doing the exact same amount of work but under the supervision of a personal … Continue reading

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Workout Music This is a touchy subject for some folks. Most trainers say, if it helps motivate you, go for it. But there are some who say that critical parts of your workout need all of your mental energy. You … Continue reading

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