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Downward Facing Dog

Note to self: she’s always watching. And learns through mimicry. So I’d better be on my best behavior. Now, what did I do with the swear jar?

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A Gastronomical Look at the Tour de France

Some old, some new … some nutritional highlights from the world’s toughest endurance sport. Five-star cuisine for Team Garmin Team Garmin Chef Sean Fowler, slideshow with audio commentary. An inside look at Team Garmin’s Daily Menu. Going gluten-free to fight … Continue reading

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Another brilliant piece from Jad and Richard at RadioLab. Limits How far can a person push himself? How much information can the human brain hold and retrieve? The answer is: a lot further and a lot more than you probably … Continue reading

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How they eat at le Tour

Two looks at the kitchens of Boulder’s Garmin pro cycling team and Armstrong’s Astana team. Chef Duffy of Team Astana: And Chef Sean Fowler of Team Garmin. Five-Star Tour Cuisine for Guys Who Eat and Ride. Audio Slideshow here.

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Homemade Energy Bars

Leah Vande Velde, the wife of Garmin Cycling’s Christian Vande Velde, demonstrates how to make your own energy bars (via the CycleOps PowerCycling channel on YouTube). Leah Vande Velde Prepares Homemade Energy Bars in the Vande Velde’s Girona kitchen. … Continue reading

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Get out there!

A story I can relate to over at NPR this morning: Report: Most Americans Don’t Get Enough Vitamin D Morning Edition, March 24, 2009 · Three out of every four Americans are deficient in vitamin D. That’s a big increase, … Continue reading

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Free, cheap, and professional grade training support

Here’s what I know about fitness: the same thing doesn’t work for everyone. It’s like Curly said in City Slickers, you gotta find your one thing. Stick with that, and everything else falls in place. But figuring out that one … Continue reading

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Make your own energy bars

Donna, a charter member of the Training Table, sends us this: Art Eggertsen is the founder of Pro-Bar. Below is one of his recipes for some great protein-rich calorie grenade. One bar is enough for a meal. 1.5 lbs chopped … Continue reading

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Tough guys

I like to read about folks like this to remind me how soft my life is. Canadian Rider Has Made Unorthodox Climb to the Top “We will never be here again.”

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Winter Running Tips

Winter running tips from ChiRunning. Check it out here. You know you’re listening to a die-hard runner when he’s talking about taking an exacto-knife to his shoes’ insoles. Also worth reading at Well: Are your kids getting enough exercise? School … Continue reading

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