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Rolling, rolling, rolling, keep those doggies rolling … nothing left to see here, so maybe roll on over to the new site: Poudre Coding Club, USA.

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Can now add “attended Stanford” to my continuing education list. Stanford Code in Place 2021 Final Project Next up: Global Thermonuclear Warfare.

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There is no Fermi’s Paradox

Take SJG’s punctuated equilibrium and extrapolate over a billion solar systems instead of a million earth years. The math ain’t that hard. The problem is the assumption that earth-like consciousness is a typical outcome. It’s not. And when it does … Continue reading

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2011 in 12 Words + 12 Pix

You already have everything you need, if you know where to look.

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Explain this to me

In the produce section, you can find clementines and occasionally satsumas, but no mandarins … and in the canned food aisle, you can find mandarins but no clementines. I’m sure some marketing genius can explain why.

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Grey Skies

The first clap of thunder sounded in the distance, and Z. looked at me with a concern on his face, concern that has no business on a 16 month old’s face, and said “Uh, oh …” When he heard the … Continue reading

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Bumper Chile Crop This Year

Good news from Hatch, New Mexico: Green chile harvest expected to be strong. (Hat tip to Mad Dog Media Arf Force and Whirled Hindquarters.)

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Colorado’s only indiginous sport

When you think “Colorado” and “sports,” what comes to mind? Skiing? Climbing? Bike racing? Skiing? Sure, everyone knows we have mountains. Climbing? Of course. Bagging a 14’er is on everyone’s to do list here. Cycling? We have road racing, mountain … Continue reading

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Showing folks around

Been awol lately. Lots of stuff going on. No excuse, will try harder to keep folks up to date and informed. (Left: TVAPO rafting Clear Creak) Forgot to mention my brother’s visit last month. Clan TVAPO came out for a … Continue reading

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Cut, Cut, Cut, Happy Harvest!

Spent last weekend in Nebraska, showing the Z’ster how to cut wheat. The boy got to eat Grandma’s fried chicken and ride along with Uncle Jeff in a combine. Doesn’t get any better than that. Forgot to take any pictures, … Continue reading

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