Our Kitchen Manifesto

We don’t pretend to be know anything about cooking, but we’re experts on eating, so that should count for something.

One of us has the calibrated nose in the family; the other can usually recognize the smell of smoke, but only after the detector has gone off.

Our Great Danes have never met a protein-based food group that they didn’t like.

When you have dogs like that to help out in the kitchen, the five second rule becomes the zero second rule.

One good knife can substitute for 90% of the gadgets at Williams-Sonoma.

Everyone should be required by law to try new things, at least once, but preferably twice.

A fresh loaf of bread goes with everything.

There are no calories in samples or tastings.

Keep it simple.

Be the change you wish to see in the kitchen.

Everything tastes better when it’s shared.


1 Response to Our Kitchen Manifesto

  1. Jeff says:

    Now THIS is a manifesto that I have a stomach for…

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