Second Best French Toast

Second best because I still like the baked version better, if only because clean-up is easier.

But we were using Rudi’s Sourdough, which is cut a little bit too thin for the baked version. So had to settle for the traditional griddle.

I think she liked it, though.


Grand Marnier French Toast


(Note: all measurements are SWAGs. No need to get extra measuring cups and spoons dirty on a weekend, yeah?)

Eggs: 1.5 per serving, rounded up so you don’t waste any
(in other words, 2 eggs)
Grand Marnier: 1 Tbs for ever 2 eggs
Milk: enough to thin out the egg mixture
Cinnamon and nutmeg: 1 metric dash per serving
Brown sugar: spoonful for every 2 eggs
Orange zest: a little bit, or maybe a little bit more than that

Standard accompaniments: mixed fruit, maple syrup, bacon, coffee

Directions: Seriously? It’s French toast. Basically, all I’m saying is, if you have some Grand Marnier in the house, try it on your French toast. On sourdough.

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Dad to two amazing girls, husband to one.
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3 Responses to Second Best French Toast

  1. Jeff says:

    Is tomorrow Sunday? Yes. Yes, it is. That is what I call karma.

    This is in my future…

  2. Gorgeous! I love a slosh of cointreau in my French toast!

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